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2015 Chevy Sonic vs Honda Fit vs Ford Fiesta

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In a world of hatchbacks there are a lot to choose from, but we at Pohanka Chevrolet want to help make sure that you choose the hatchback that is best for you. To help sift through the competition, we have put together a hatchback competitor comparison. We have taken our best hatchback, the 2015 Chevy Sonic, and compared it to the 2015 Ford Fiesta and 2015 Honda Fit to help you make the best choice. 

The Chevy Sonic comes with a 1.8L engine capable of 138 horsepower and 125lbs-ft of torque. This means that you are guaranteed to have more fun driving the Sonic than if you were to take out the 1.6L 120 horsepower, 112lbs-ft torque Fiesta or the 1.5L 130 horsepower, 114lbs-ft torque Fit. The Fiesta's and Fit’s smaller engines just won’t give you the drive you would expect out of a Chevy.

In terms of safety, all three hatchbacks come with stability control, traction control, and side/curtain airbags (all standard). But if there were to be in an accident, the Sonic comes with an Airbag Deployment Notification system, whereas the Honda Fit, has no such feature. If the accident is severe, the 2015 Sonic is the only vehicle that has an Emergency Service system to alert the authorities. This feature isn’t available at all on the Fiesta and the Fit.

One of the most coveted features on a 2015 hatchback is cargo space. Though all three options have fold down seats that offer more space in the rear, the 2015 Chevy Sonic has an impressive amount more room in the back. The Sonic sports 19.0 cubic-ft. of space next to the 16.6 cubic-ft. in the Fit and the small 14.9 cubic-ft. in the Fiesta.

To give you this extra space, the Sonic doesn’t lose space for passengers. The 2015 Chevy Sonic has 34.6 inches of leg room for the rear passengers, compared to the 31.2 inches in the Fiesta, and 41.8 inches of leg room for the front passengers, compared to the 41.4 inches in the Fit.

When it comes to media and technology, the Sonic has more to offer than the competitors. Though all three offer Bluetooth®, the Sonic has more features that come standard than the others. The 2015 Chevy Sonic comes with navigation, standard, which is only available on certain styles of the Honda Fit.

The Chevy Sonic, using OnStar® is able to offer a variety of great features that will help keep you safe and on track while you drive. This includes Hand-Free Calling and Concierge Service, which aren’t available on the Ford Fiesta or the Honda Fit. Most importantly, the Sonic comes with Roadside Assistance, in case you become stranded on the road. Neither of the competitor hatchbacks offer this service.

Now that you know some of the major and important differences between the 2015 Chevy Sonic, the 2015 Ford Fiesta, and the 2015 Honda Fit, you know which hatchback comes out on top. When shopping for your new 2015 hatchback, be sure to visit our Virginia Chevy dealer to check out all the great features of the 2015 Chevy Sonic. Come to Pohanka Chevrolet and test drive the Sonic today.

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