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Winterize Your Chevrolet near Washington, DC

Preparing for the upcoming winter months is a lot easier than you’d think here at Pohanka Chevrolet. Our talented Service Department is ready to transform your vehicle into a set of wheels that’s able to withstand the harshest of conditions that the cold brings. Contact us today to winterize your Chevrolet near Washington, DC.

The effects of winter can be hard on your vehicle, not to mention unsafe. There are a few key aspects to consider checking on and altering, if needed, to brave the winter. One of the parts that gets most affected in the cold is your battery. Not only does it generate less power in cold temperatures, but it also requires more current to start, which is why batteries tend to give out during this time of the year. To prevent this from happening, our mechanics will run a battery load test to ensure it is running properly. Our technicians will also clean up any corrosion on your posts and connection.

Furthermore, the oil in your engine is another aspect to be inspected. During chilly temperatures, oil’s viscosity thickens, thus making it harder for it to circulate throughout the engine. To ensure this doesn’t happen in the first place, our technicians will change out your current oil with one that is thinner. You can check your Owner’s Manual to check what the proper viscosity is for your particular vehicle, or utilize our Ask a Tech form right here on our site! This system lets you send in an inquiry, and once it’s received, one of our mechanics will contact you within a timely manner! When you winterize your Chevrolet near Washington, DC, with us, you’ll receive nothing but topnotch and quality service.

In addition to mechanical issues, our technicians will also check on an assortment of aspects to inspire confidence behind the wheel in the dead of winter. Having crystal-clear vision is essential, especially since you’ll be using your wiper blades consistently. When you bring your vehicle in, our mechanics will inspect your wiper fluid, and refill it if necessary. What many people aren’t aware of is that wiper blades are only meant to last one year, so if they look frayed or warn, it’s advisable to acquire new ones before the winter months set in. Traction is key on the road, which is why our Service Department will also ensure that your tires are at their proper pressure, and can talk to you about switching to snow tires for better grip.

For all of your vehicle’s needs, look no further than Pohanka Chevrolet. We are a no-appointment-necessary dealership, meaning you can stop by our location to winterize your Chevrolet near Washington, DC, as soon as today! Feel free to give us a call at (703) 592-4606 to learn more about this process.

Winterize Your Chevrolet near Washington, DC

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